Friday Favorites: week 4


I'm feeling pretty bad that I haven't checked in too much this week. But the week kinda escaped from me. And I was tired.

1. Favorite Workout

The 3 miles I ran on the beach for megsmiles. I ran hard, the sun overhead, windy ocean inches away, sand underfoot.

Truth time: this run, and then the 7 miles I ran Monday is all I have exercised this week. Yeah, workout fail for this mama.

Returning to our regularly scheduled challenge Sunday. I can't ruin the streak now can I?!

2. Favorite Article

This article about digital photo storage and organization was a great one this week. My favorite word: DELETE! The designated print folder in each months folder is great too. I've bookmarked this and need to get my photos organized. ASAP. And I think Sara's ideas are brilliant.

3. Favorite Picture

I had a lot of pictures I could have chosen from our weekend adventure. But this one just warms my heart.


4. Favorite Meal

Again, I could have picked our free lunch at the hotel restaurant. I mean what's better than free lunch?

Or vaca date night. And it was good (and great alone time with hubby), the salmon was good, but mine is just as good.

I think for this week, Wednesday nights dinner of classic spaghetti and garlic bread. The homemade garlic bread was a hit.

5. Favorite Moment

I hate to sound like a broken record, but again (I know AGAIN), I could have picked a whole slew of moments from the beach.

But last night, after getting home from Noah's basketball practice and getting Lydia and Noah in tub and then in bed, I had 30 minutes of pure quiet before Chad and Madison got back from her practice. What did I do with these moments? NOTHING! Shhhhh, don't tell my hubby :)


What are your favorites for the week?


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