9 miles in snow and ice

It seems like we have been going nonstop since after school Friday. But I'll spare you the boring details of my life.


Yesterday, I ran a 9 mile training run. In this:


Ok, probably only 40% of my run was dodging snow and ice. I thought it was crazy, actually, the trail was either completely clear- as if it hadn't snowed in this decade, or like the picture- like it snowed yesterday and not 60 degrees over the weekend.

It was a great run, a little slower than I wanted to go, but I also didn't want to come home with a broken leg. I was pleasantly surprised that my last mile was actually my fastest mile.

According to Runkeeper, the last time I ran 9 miles was August 26th. It took me 1:37:49, average of 10:52 minutes per mile. I carved almost 5 minutes off of 9 miles. In snow and ice, I'm happy with the progress!

I was sore later in the evening and still pretty sore today. I suppose the lack of miles over the last few weeks is catching up with me. Hopefully this crazy weather will break soon so I can get some more runs in throughout the week, just strength and core aren't cutting it.

Winter is almost over, right?! (Insert a probable snow day for tomorrow)...


How was your training run this week?


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