Monday Meal Plan: February 3-9

We have a super busy week ahead, with basketball activities and school meetings.
I'm also excited about getting a Costco membership this week! Hoping we can save some money with it, seems like we can. We'll see how it plays out, I guess.

February 3-9
Monday: Rice Krispies and banana
Tuesday: bagel with yogurt and banana
Wednesday: oatmeal
Thursday: granola bar, apple slices and peanut butter
Friday: eggs and toast
Saturday: apple and peanut butter quesadilla
Sunday: blueberry muffins

Kids' Packed Lunch
Monday: leftover pizza, celery & peanut butter
Tuesday: leftover mac & cheese, applesauce, ham and crackers, cookie
Wednesday: turkey and spinach roll up, pretzel sticks and hummus, orange, fruit snack
Thursday: grilled cheese and tomato soup, celery and peanut butter, banana, yogurt
Friday: chicken tacos, chips and salsa, apple and almond butter, fruit snack

My Lunch
Monday: leftover wings and pizza
Tuesday: salad with leftover salmon, yogurt, banana
Wednesday: turkey sandwich, hummus and pretzels, cottage cheese, orange
Thursday: salad with turkey, cottage cheese, apple with almond butter
Friday: turkey wrap, banana with almond butter

Weekend Lunch
Saturday: leftover pizza
Sunday: shrimp fried rice

Monday: sandwiches and mac and cheese
Tuesday: lemon chicken, leftover roasted red potatoes, sweet carrots
Wednesday: chicken tacos, corn
Thursday: skyline potatoes, salad
Friday: homemade pizza, carrots, celery and ranch
Saturdayenchiladas, rice
Sunday: leftovers
What's on your menu this week?

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