Friday Favorites: week 5


I'm late on this weeks Friday Favorites. Sorry! I've just now (ok, maybe an hour ago...) sat down for the first time since about yesterday at noon. I'll give you my excuses later :)

1. Favorite Workout

Thursday night, after I got Noah and Lydia in bed and Chad and Madison were still at her practice, I dialed up my friend YouTube. I found a great full body workout by Be Mom Strong.

Check it out:


2. Favorite Article

I read a great little blog post written by Kristen over at When At Home by called Let Your Husband Love You. It's easy to forget how hard it is for our husbands to leave every morning for work, knowing we're home with the babies. It's easy to think of work being a treat because they aren't dealing with the day to day crazy. You know, a baby that won't nap, the dirty toilets, the homework, the arguing kids, dinner prep with a still whiny baby... But I think any husband would agree, they'd much rather be home with you and the littles than heading off to work all day and often times bring more work home. While I know not all husbands have to work Saturday's, mine does. And I know, it breaks his heart leaving for work knowing we are heading to one or more basketball games. Thank your husband today.


3. Favorite Picture

I took this Thursday night at Noah's practice. Lydia helping Madison with her homework :)


4. Favorite Meal

Tuesday night, I fixed chicken philly subs and cheesy potato chips. We used day old Jimmy Johns subs. Not only was it so yummy, but the kids gobbled it up and asked for it in their lunch on Wednesday. Mom win of the week.


5. Favorite Moment

Thursday, at 2 days shy of 17 months old, Lydia poo-pooed on the pot! Clearly, we have a long way (and probably a long, long, long way with her stubborn hiney!) to go, but that first time is memorable, right?!


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