Post Workout Smoothie

I have put together the most delicious post workout smoothie. I could drink it all day long. And I'm going to share it with you.



Turns into this:


The recipe:

You can sub any frozen berries for the blueberries. I tried it with mixed berries tonight and it was so yummy!

You could cut your banana in half if you prefer, or if you have a toddler that loves bananas. I liked it with the whole banana better, sweeter and creamier than just half.

You could use a frozen banana and skip the ice cubes.

I used a carton Chobani Plain Greek yogurt. I know different brands have different flavors. I just prefer Chobani. You could also use a flavored yogurt to make it even sweeter. The pomegranate juice can give it a tart flavor if your berries aren't sweet enough. I would stick to a berry flavored or honey flavored yogurt if you're going that route. I haven't tried it with anything except plain at this point so I can't comment any further :)

Even this sweet girl liked it:



Now, what makes it perfect for after a workout?

The Greek yogurt and banana will help to quickly replenish your energy. Your pomegranate juice, berries and spinach will help with muscle soreness, and help speed up recovery.


What's your favorite post workout snack?



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