Polar Vortex? Just plain cold!

A busy day at home with the kiddos.

Snow day #6 here. Thankfully, Ohio came up with (and our district adopted) a plan to give us a few extra snow days without adding days to the end of the school year. Enter Blizzard Bags.

Busy working on their Blizzard Bags in their pjs:


Miss Lydia had to be in on what the big kids were doing:


So much so that we had a no nap day. Maybe she'll sleep tonight? Probably not.


Funny story about the laundry today:

I was putting in the 2nd load of the day, I had a shirt and skirt of Lydia's on the dryer (pretreated with Dawn after an incident with a green marker). I started the water and tossed those 2 in, ran upstairs for the rest but completely forgot what I was doing. As in, I didn't remember what I was doing until I heard the dryer go off and went in to switch and noticed I forgot to put the lid down on the washer AND then I still didn't remember until I went to switch them to the dryer and whoops! There were only 2 pieces of clothing still in the washer. Oh, there's more- I switched them to the dryer and apparently forgot to turn it on. I may be losing it.



Chicken philly sub and cheesy potato chips. The bun? Oh, just yesterday's bun from Jimmy John's. 50 cents. So yummy. It really made the sub. Go. Buy one or two tomorrow.


Chad told Lydia to come say night night to Noah. She cracked up laughing and crawled into his bed. Cuties.



The temperatures today were not as cold as it was a few weeks ago, but still so bitter cold. This has not been good for the running. . . I know I sound like a broken record. I keep thinking that at any point this winter will somehow turn into last winter. Remember? 30s and 40s all winter long? Yes please.

I am excited for Friday though, the forecast says 37! A run with the BOB is looking good :) Hopefully, the bike trail is thawed out by then, I'd really like 5 flat miles.

Oh, and I'm really hoping that next winter is less brutal since I'll be finishing up marathon training in December and January. I'm still in denial I'm even saying that out loud.


Are you looking forward to warmer days ahead, whenever they get here?


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