Friday Favorites: week 6


I've been feeling pretty blah about the week. The weather has gotten the best of me, I've been slacking on my workouts, and it's just been a crazy busy week in general. I really needed this post this week :)

1. Favorite Workout

I have to say Monday's 9 miles. Even though I dodged snow and ice for a lot of the way, it was a good strong run. I'm very happy with it! And I am looking forward to my 10 mile run on Monday.

2. Favorite Article

Did you see the article about the Pittsburgh Steeler who just completed his first marathon? Since retiring in 2011, Alan Faneca dropped over 100 pounds and ran his first marathon and under 4 hours! Such a neat story! Plus, it's about a Steeler, which we know is always a plus at our house :)


3. Favorite Picture

A neat little heart in my fantastical hubby made latte.


4. Favorite Meal

A cookie counts right? I think every night this week we ate quick on the run, poor Chad probably ate more fast food than anyone should. Hopefully we can get back on our schedule next week. Or at least eat dinner all together as a family.

5. Favorite Moment

That moment when I called Chad defeated. The last straw was the crock pot wasn't cooking the chicken. And without taking even taking a breath, he said, "I'll pick up Chipotle, don't worry honey". Despite everything, I smiled. Love that man <3


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