Shooting with Soul: Week 4: Something You Collect

This weeks exercise in the Shooting with Soul challenge was a photo of something you collect.

As I discovered trying to shoot the above picture: it is hard to take pictures of framed pictures! These pictures (and frames!) however, are so special to me. They represent the places we've been, memories we've made, some as a family, some just Chad and me. 

Whenever we start to plan a trip, we always say to each other, "we need to make sure we find a frame". On the way to our destination, "where do you think we should take our picture?". We enjoy hunting for the perfect frame, the perfect spot, and looking back through the photos for which photo we should display in our frame.

When we were visiting Niagara Falls a few years ago, we were in the elevator after one of our tours of the Falls, deciding that our next stop would be the Official Falls Gift Shop to look for a frame. We were talking about how many frames we would accumulate over the next 50 years. I got (and am getting!) choked up thinking of the new places and new sights we would explore together, hoping that these photos and the photos of the future would mean as much to the kids as they do to Chad and me.

Be sure to check out Hannah's collection of earrings, and tag your collection photos with #theevereclectic and #shootingwithsoul!

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