8 days too many...

Tonight, as I started out on my run, my Nike Plus iPhone app reminded me that it has been 8 days since my last run. What a full 8 days!

Monday - Wednesday afternoon was spent packing and getting myself and the younger kids ready for a short trip to Missouri for a wedding. As well as getting everything in order for the ones left behind. A friend and her baby girl, my Noah and Lydia left Wednesday afternoon. We stopped over in Brazil, Indiana for the night, and we arrived JUST in time for the rehearsal. We stayed with the sweetest family (aunt/uncle/cousin of the bride), attended a beautiful wedding Friday evening, and hi tailed it back home Saturday morning. It was a great trip, but it was great to be home to my hubby and oldest.

But I was also battling the knee thing... But I've been doing yoga to try to strengthen my quads. As well as strengthen my core, whatever that is. Besides not having the time/energy to squeeze one more thing into my to-do list, I guess I needed the rest.

Today was week 3, day 2 of C25k. 2.08 miles in 28:48, not my best time (13:48/mile), but better than the 15:07/mile from last Sunday. The knee felt good, hopefully it stays that way. I want to be a runner!

165 days until the Cincinnati Half Marathon.

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