The knee... And a routine

If you tuned in yesterday, I mentioned that I ran pain free. 24 hours later, still no pain in my knee! Booo-ya!

But I want to give you the story of my knee:

On 4/18, I ran with a sore calf- you know, the "I'm a beginner runner sore calf", you know it right? I didn't think much of it when I started out, but the next morning I was limping with pain in my left knee. But it got better throughout the day, not 100% pain free, but better.

On 4/20, I ran faster than I have before, 13:25/mi for 2.17mi (week 2, day 1), but my knee was s-o-r-e. Not the best plan perhaps. But I will say it did not hurt when I walked out the door. And I *think* it was threatening rain, so I decided to stick around the house and run the circle around the park instead of only do my warm up around the park and then venture out into the neighborhood.

On 4/22, I wanted to continue my training anyway (again, not the best plan), took it easy and ran 14:02/mi for 2.24mi (week 2, day 2). SORE! I could barely walk for days. Whoops!

I read up on runner's knee. I figured I needed to strengthen my quads to catch up with my new found running habit. So I started some yoga. Just the master skill on the Xbox game Play Your Way for Kinect. 23 minutes of hurt. Shoo, me and squats are not friends - and that "pretend your sitting in a chair and try to touch ceiling" pose, definitely not my friend.

I rested for a few days, and continued training on 4/26, I iced my knee, and took ibuprofen after running.  Very slow go, 14:45/mi, 2 miles even (week 2, day 3). The relaxing after felt good!

I ran 4/28, very, very slow- 15:07/mi for 2.12mi (week 3, day 1).

This week, I've started a routine: yoga every morning, running (c25k training) Monday, Thursday, Saturday, afternoon walk with the kids on non running days (at least). So far so good, but it's only Tuesday!

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