An update

So, blogger tells me that I've neglected my blog. . .whoops. I want to be a blogger, I want to think I have something that I can't wait to tell all 4 of my readers, but truth is, I'm pretty boring. I mean, right now, I'm browsing Facebook, Pinterest, and playing Candy Crush. Yah, that's the life, and it's soooo interesting.

That being said, today was Madison's last day of school! Summer starts tomorrow!! Woot! I've spent the last few weeks combing through the summer school and summer fun pins on Pinterest, and I've come up with a schedule that is just the right amount of learning, the right amount of playing, and the right amount of making. Should be fun. Should hopefully keep some of the fighting to a minimum for the other kids. We shall see.

On the running front, I've been 4 times since May 12th (hangs head in shame). Just building up in the C25K. Today was week 5, day 2. Shooo, those 8 minute runs were brutal. But I did it! 2.39mi in 31:03. Not my best time, but it will work, for a couple first time 8 minuters. Saturday, the schedule says a 20 minute run, no walking. We'll see! I hurt already, just thinking about it.

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