Mother's Day eve 2013

What a full day spent with my littles.

What a joy they are to me, except the fighting. That could suddenly stop and I wouldn't miss it. At all.  

This was take 65 of 70. Lydia wasn't really into it, but that girl will smile for her daddy. Look at her look at him. And trust me, next time, Madison is not getting transitions, now we have them in our backups! 

My run was good tonight. Except that the street lights kept turning off as I passed them. Weird. Oh and it was 10:15 in the pm before I went. But I got one random rain and one angel food cake marked off the list. 

Week 4, day 1. Those 5 minute runs are b.r.u.t.a.l! The first one I slowed to a walk for about 20 seconds closing in on the last minute. The second 5er only took about 10 seconds to regain my umph, but again it was nearing the last minute. Today's time, pitch black dark and all, 13:03/mi, 2.44mi. I may have hope for a 10 minute mile after all.

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