5 Non Running Lessons I Am Learning From Running

Running teaches lots of people lots of things. Endurance. Strength. New words: pronate, neutral, supinate. Negative splits. Pace. Effects of weather. You name it, someone probably has learned it from running.

5 Non Running Lessons I Am Learning From Running

1. I Can

As cliché as it may be, it's true. I started this journey in April, not sure if I could. And truth is, it was hard, especially those first 8 weeks. I can remember (vividly) the first time I had to run 20 minutes without walking. Before I started, I was sure I wasn't going to be able to. But I did. And I pretty much didn't stop talking about it for an hour. Just ask Chad.

2. I love my kids

But it's okay to take a few minutes for myself, all alone. Just me thirty and the road.

3. I can inspire others

When I started, I kept it a secret to most. I even kept these blog posts private. But what was I ashamed of? Sure, I was slow. Sure, I was awkward. But I was becoming the healthiest I had ever been in my life, why would I keep it a secret?

My best friend started running shortly after I talked to her about it (and now she's pregnant with sweet twinnies).

My dad kept running. More consistently. He pushed for more and more miles. And we ran a half marathon together.

And these guys even ran a race, because they wanted to run like mama.

Madison is truly into it. We're planning to run a 5k together in May. I'm super excited!

Can't get the hubby out of his chair tho!

4. I am happier.

Truth. I hate to say that I was "unhappy". But at the same time, I can tell that I am less grouchy. It isn't just that, but I have more confidence in more aspects of my life. The other day, I could have been feeling a little grouchy and Chad told me to go for a run. You know what? I came back feeling better.

5. I still don't like to get up in the morning.

Yeah, sorry, I am still not a morning person. Even when I was getting up early to run in the summer, I hated every second of waking up, getting my running clothes on, toasting my bread, and eating my peanut butter toast. But as soon as I was out the door I was glad I was running.


What has running taught you?

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