The time has come, our fun is over...

Another "cold day" off school here.

Apple pie oatmeal:


Coloring a drawing of ourselves:


Hanging out with the dog:


Madison went to have sewing fun with friends, so Noah and I kicked it in to high gear and made some cinnamon rolls:


And Lydia tasted and devoured her first lollipop:

After we got the kids in bed, Chad had some work to do, so I did some yoga and Day 3 of my SCPC (squats, crunches, plank challenge). I'm soooooo glad tomorrow is a built in rest day! Plus, I'll have the opportunity to move my challenge reps to the mornings instead of at night.
And then coffee and a cinnamon roll (or 2...). The cinnamon roll is a problem.
Cinnamon roll(s) + mama not running as much = a much needed gym membership so I can get back to running 5+ days a week (without cold and wind!)
Tomorrow, I'm going to take on that challenge. Starting with a new place in town that's opens in February. It's going to be a center for women only with free day care- which would be my preference- but as always, money is a factor, their sales office is open tomorrow and they are supposed to be offering a pre-opening special, but we'll see how special it is! The fall back plan would be a new place a little further away, no day care, but it's super duper cheap. I'm kind of hoping the first place pulls through, but glad I have a back up plan.
Extended winter break has come to an end and all alarms must be set for zero dark:30. Or 7:00, whichever comes last.


How was your Tuesday?

Have your kids gone back to school?


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