I love days like this!

Today, school was cancelled for the big kids because of the extreme cold.

Freezing cold doesn't even begin to describe it. And it's only gotten colder throughout the day and night.

Tomorrow isn't looking promising either. And school is already cancelled. Longest winter break ever. I think cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast.


Since it's Monday, it was Chad's day off. But he helped me around the house. between me, him, and the big kids we cleaned up the house. The whole house, except the dusting, but I hate dusting. Between the trip and us all being sick, and all the kids being home the house had been put on the back burner for way too long.

And Lydia helped too.


And the last load of towels is in the dryer. I'll fold everything tomorrow.

A few months ago, I started washing and drying all the laundry in one day day. And then the next day, I sort it by person, fold it all and putting it away. Some days it goes smoother than others. All in all, I think it's what works best for me.


Tonight, I did a barre video and then day 2 of my squats, crunches and plank challenge. I gotta say, it was way easier yesterday when I didn't do a workout first. I suppose tomorrow's reps will be even worse than today's.


PS: cross your fingers that Miss Lydia sleeps for he 3rd night in a row!

How was your Monday?

Are you experiencing the "deep freeze"?


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