Meal Plan Monday!

I would like to welcome you to the newest feature here on the blog. Meal Plan Monday.

Are you excited? I am!

As I resolved for the new year, 2014 is the year of wholesome homecooked meals for my family.

Each Monday, I will post what is on my menu for the week and any applicable recipe links.


Week of January 6-12

Kids' Breakfast

Monday: pancakes with peanut butter and bananas

Tuesday: morning glory muffins, orange

Wednesday: blueberry muffins, banana

Thursday: granola bar, banana

Friday: oatmeal

Saturday: eggs, toast, orange

Sunday: blueberry pancakes


Kids' Packed Lunch

Monday: pizzadilla, cottage cheese, orange, yogurt

Tuesday: peanut butter and honey bagel, banana, red pepper sticks and ranch

Wednesday: ham, spinach, cream cheese roll up, broccoli, yogurt, apple

Thursday: taco salad, orange, yogurt

Friday: ham and cheese sandwich, red pepper sticks, cottage cheese, apple


My Lunch

Monday: salad with shrimp, apple with peanut butter, snap peas, cottage cheese with pomegranate arils

Tuesday: leftover chicken, salad, yogurt, orange, cheese stick

Wednesday: turkey, avocado, bacon, red pepper wrap, orange, yogurt with pomegranate arils and granola

Thursday: taco salad, cottage cheese with apple and granola

Friday: salad with turkey, avocado red pepper, banana with peanut butter, yogurt with granola


Weekend Lunch

Saturday: homemade chicken nuggets, broccoli, cheese stick

Sunday: chicken frances (with chicken broth instead of wine), linguini, salad, rolls (these or these)



Monday: cheesy jalapeƱo popper baked stuffed chicken, rolls (these or these), corn

Tuesday: chicken tortilla soup (from the freezer)

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: pineapple shrimp fried rice

Friday: homemade pizza

Saturday: leftovers or ham, mozzarella, and pesto grilled cheese

Sunday: birthday party


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