A lazy Thursday

We woke up this morning to snow, snow, snow. Maybe I'll snap a pic tomorrow to share. Poor Chad got up and shoveled the driveway and drove to work, only to meet cancelled appointments.

I forgot to mention I went for a run on New Years Day. A 3 mile run to start off the year, and my first run in my Brooks PureCadence 2s (love them, by the way). I've been limping around today like I've never run before in my life. Clearly 9 days of no running or exercising was not a great plan. And I don't think you can count puking 50 million times as exercise. I guess I've got to get with it. Half Marathon training starts in a week.

The kids and I are savoring the last few days of winter break, and spent today cuddled up in our pjs, watching movies and playing games, and maybe (okay, yes definitely) a nap.

Miss Lydia is under the weather, her poor little nose just keeps running. But that doesn't keep her from being her nosy self. Or maybe she's just helping me get organized? Before you ask, yes, I was right there, making sure she didn't drink anything lethal.

I did fix a pretty yummy dinner- chicken topped with spinach sautéed in olive oil and garlic, mozzarella cheese, and Roma tomatoes, rolls, and green beans. Yes, Chad ate a few green beans. And no, he didnt puke. Can't forget the last minute snickerdoodles. Super yummy with my coffee tonight. I really got to get better at this picture taking thing...

You gotta check out this chicken though, my sweet new knife sliced those babies straight down the middle like it was butta.


And because this just warms my heart :)




  1. My daughter is obsessed with our cleaning cabinet. What is it with them?!

    1. I know! When she ate the cascade pack the one time, I attempted to put a lock on it, but it was just too short. And now she doesn't eat anything and everything so I just go with it. She's the only one of my 3 that's gotten into closed doors. She's the only one of my 3 that's done a lot of things actually...