Deja vu, is it Thursday?

As embarrassed as I am to say I spent another day in my pjs, I loved it all the same. Miss Lydia is sick just a cold but it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully it won't turn into anything. That sweet girl has gotten the hang of the wait-until-mom-gets-a-tissue-and-don't-wipe-my-nose-with-my-sleeve thing. The kids and I spent the morning cuddled up on the couch watching "Game Plan" on Disney. And after lunch moved to YouTube and Rainbow Loom videos, but we learned how to make a fish tail bracelet. Not a bad way to spend the last days of winter break.


I did redeem myself slightly and go for a run this afternoon before the "white death" tomorrow. How redeeming is changing from pjs to running clothes, really? Three slow miles. I came back with the resolve to find a gym so I can run more than 0 times per week. I do have a half marathon to train for after all. 104 days to go.

After dinner and bathing and tucking in the kids, I did some yoga, squats and crunches.

And now, coffee and a cookie. Hubby is good to me.


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