Meal Plan Monday- clean out the freezer and pantry edition


As I usually try to do the last week of the month, this weeks menu is full of meat from the freezer (that I got on managers special) and pantry as much as possible.

I am also going to spare you the redundancy of listing leftovers for all of my lunches, cause that's what it's going to be!

I've also switched up the color that represent a link. Hopefully, where there is a link, you now see a burgandy color instead of a slightly lighter grey. Today, these links represent recipes.


Week of January 27-February 2

Kids' Breakfast

Monday: blueberry muffins

Tuesday: apple and peanut butter quesadilla

Wednesday: oatmeal

Thursday: cereal

Friday: pancakes with peanut butter and banana

Kids' Packed Lunch

Monday: chicken taco, strawberries, yogurt

Tuesday: grilled cheese and tomato soup, cheese stick, broccoli, fig newton

Wednesday: quesadilla, corn, apple slices, yogurt

Thursday: ham, cream cheese, spinach pinwheel, carrots, strawberries, fruit snack

Friday: leftover mac & cheese, apple with peanut butter and granola, fig newtons

Weekend Breakfast

Saturday: banana and granola bar, yogurt with granola

Sunday: pancakes

Weekend Lunch

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: salmon, roasted red potatoes, steamed carrots, cheesy garlic biscuits


Monday: pork chops, leftover carrots and potatoes, leftover rolls, salad

Tuesday: leftover chicken philly subs on day-old Jimmy Johns bread, baked fries

Wednesday: veggie filled minestrone soup, homemade Italian bread (from the freezer)

Thursday: homemade sloppy joes on homemade wheat buns, mac & cheese

Friday: a quick sandwich before a full night of back to back basketball games

Saturday: homemade pizza

Sunday: chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice


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