10 miles on a treadmill makes you want to sleep

A lot. I have gone to bed early (for me) the last 3 nights. Like, oh, the kids are in bed, let's go to bed! So, I haven't had a chance to recap Monday's 10 miles on the treadmill.

CONFESSION: it wasn't horrible.

Truth: it went NOTHING like I expected, no matter how prepared I was. Check out Sunday's post to see how I got ready.

I got up at the normal time (7am), got the kids up and ready for school. After they left, I woke up a little while eating my breakfast: oatmeal (with a little butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon), banana, and a Chad-made latté (he spoils me).

Around 9, I got my running clothes on- skirt and tank. I gathered up my iPad, iPhone, headphones, running shoes, 3 Gatorade chews, and water bottle.

The gym was CROWDED. I wanted a treadmill in the back, but I didn't want to run beside someone else, so I went with this guy on the 3rd row.


Remember this?

Haha! Yeah, it completely went out the window within the first .25 miles.

The warm up of 5.8mph in the heat and humidity was pushing it for me. After that first quarter mile, I turned it down to 5.0mph.

From the best I remember, this is how it really went:

I refilled my water bottle more than I ever imagined, I'm going to bring another one next time. I was so thirsty. And sweating sooooo much. Gross.


I didn't expect to eat the 3rd chew, but I'm so glad I thought to bring an extra.

I did wear my heartrate monitor. Super cool random fact: the awesome hrm my awesome husband gifted me for my 30th linked to the treadmill at the gym. I was totally surprised. My heart rate stayed higher than what I intended, mid-160s to low-170s (83-86% of my personal max), but I went with it- after I threw the plan out the window and slowed down, I wasn't out of breath.

I ended up only watching TV. I watched 4 episodes of My First House on HGTV. I tried to read, but I think my glasses bouncing made the words bouncy.

The run, even though slower than I wanted, was good. I walked away feeling good about finishing. And I felt like I was going to explode from all the water I drank! Pretty sure 2 more minutes and I would have!


Until today, I had some pain in my knee (rushing against the pause timer and turned the corner too quick when refilling my water bottle), so I stayed off the road/treadmill until today. I only had time for 2 miles, but was glad to get those mile in outside with Lydia riding along in the BOB. It wasn't a great run- but the sunshine alone was a mood booster. I am so looking forward to getting back to running outside again all the time.


How were your workouts this week?

Anyone running long this weekend? 10 more miles on Monday, venue yet to be determined.


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