Meal Plan Monday: February 10-16


Last week was a busy week, to say the least. We had some unexpected things turn up that messed with my original meal plan- so I have some menu items carried over from last week.

This week, with parent teacher conferences and no games on Friday, we have a few open evenings to actually sit down together! Unless something changes :)

I'm also including Friday's meals in our weekend meals since it's a day off school for the kiddies.

Week of: February 10-16

Kids' Breakfast

Monday: blueberry muffin, banana, yogurt

Tuesday: pancakes

Wednesday: egg bagel

Thursday: granola bar, apple


Kids' Packed Lunch

Monday: ham and cheese bagel, celery & peanut butter, banana chips, yogurt, fruit snacks

Tuesday: leftover pizza, carrots and hummus, blackberries, cookie

Wednesday: Skyline 3 way, salad, York mint

Thursday: cream cheese and jelly bagel, cheddar bunnies, carrots and hummus, orange


My Lunch

Monday: Deyo's Italian Bistro

Tuesday: leftover pizza, yogurt, salad

Wednesday: baked potato, salad

Thursday: quinoa salad with beans, corn and tomato


Weekend Breakfast

Friday: waffles, banana

Saturday: omelette, apple and peanut butter

Sunday: pancakes


Weekend Lunch

Friday: grilled cheese with tomato soup

Saturday: sandwiches (in the car, in between games)

Sunday: lunch with family



Monday: pizza

Tuesday: Skyline baked potatoes

Wednesday: enchiladas, quinoa salad with beans, corn and tomatoes

Thursday: spicy honey chicken, corn, cheesy potato chips

Friday: shrimp pasta with lemon, spinach and tomatoes, salad, rolls

Saturday: spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken, salad, leftover rolls

Sunday: leftovers


I feel like I'm in a rut, what's on your menu for the week?


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