Catching Up

Our winter has been busy. And cold. Bitter cold.

We filled our Saturday's with basketball games. And some Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. We have one last hurrah tomorrow night at the bowling alley with Noah's team. I sure will miss it, but am also looking forward to a free Saturday :)

I've certainly loved the nice weather the last few days. Lydia and I have been able to get out yesterday for a run and then today we took a walk and played on the playground. She giggled the entire time.

Chad had a meeting tonight, so after homework, we went to the basketball hoops to get some more sunshine:

(and then after dinner, we went for ice cream, shhhh... don't tell Chad :)

Chad did a little DIY last week.
We started with this:

And ended up with this:

Isn't it great?
Yes. Now I can delete my "House: Foyer" Pinterest board!

And our new "jumbo" coffee mugs:

oh wait? Swanky coffee shop? Nope! :)

And then these 3 :)


What have you guys been up to?

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