Five Friday Faves :)



I've taken some time- maybe too much? But I woke up this morning with a new resolve and eager to get into spring!

I'm excited to reflect on this weeks favorites with you!

1. Favorite Workout

Today! And before you ask, it was not my only workout. . .

3.14 miles for pi day :) can't be any more fun than that, right? It was a hard run. Wind+BOB=brutal. For real.

But look at this sweet face swinging after our run:

Oh, and have I mentioned she's nosy?


2. Favorite Article

I read this article on Finding Joy. I just need it this week. Read it. Maybe you do too.


3. Favorite Picture

Inline image 1

Yeah, just hanging out eating blueberries in the middle of the kitchen floor. Love her.


4. Favorite Meal

I should have taken a picture. But imagine if you can: frozen waffle, scoop of plain Chobani, sliced apples, sprinkled cinnamon. Yum!


5. Favorite Moment

Lately, we have been trying to be diligent about having a family bible study 1-2 nights a week. Nothing makes me prouder than hearing those sweet voices recite 1 Peter 3:8. But beyond that, Noah's apology now includes, I wasn't loving as brothers. I love his tender heart.

Oh and that moment that taxes are done? Yeah love that moment too! Haha!!


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