Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Monday afternoon, I gathered up all the ingredients needed for 3 days of 6 juices each.
When I got back from the grocery, I pulled out the borrowed juicer. And I couldn't get it to turn on. I'm sure user error, but hubby and I tried everything. And I mean everything.
So out came the NutriBullet. Since I was going to be using all of the fruit and veggie and not just the juice, I decided that I would split one recipe between 2 bottles and then add water to the top of my bottle.

I'll be honest, I was a little nervous going in! Making them was one thing, now I have to drink them!
Juice 1 and 3: Apple, banana, kiwi, greens. The taste wasn't bad, and it was really very filling. There was a little gritty aftertaste, but I think that's more because of making them with the bullet.
Juice 2: Apple, pineapple, cucumber. Again, the flavor was pretty good, refreshing even.
Juice 4: water, lemon, honey, cayenne. Soooo sooooo soooo tart!
Juice 5: beet, carrot, apple. I had to just guzzle it. I didn't like the taste at all. Gag!
Juice 6: almonds, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, milk. I blended these up and made a smoothie.

I started the day with a cup of coffee. I guzzled juice 1 before I drank my coffee.
Around 11:30, I drank juice 2. It took me about 30 minutes start to finish.
At 2:30, I drank juice 3. Around 4, I started getting really hungry. I think I could have eaten a horse! I tried to keep busy. I took Lydia outside (even though it was 700 degrees). We went to the grocery store. I sorted laundry.
At 6, I started juice 4, aka special lemonade :) I took Lydia back outside and sipped while we played. It took me probably an hour to get it all down, it was sooooo tart. Lydia laughed at me every time it took a drink because I puckered up. She'd say, "punny, mommy, punny!"
At 8, I started juice 5. This was so gross. I took forever drinking it, like an hour and a half at least.
At 10:30, I blended up my smoothie for juice 6, and drank it for dessert.
In between each juice, I drank at least 20oz of water.
1- I want to get away from the mid afternoon super hunger. I'll drink my coffee first, and then drink 20oz of water, maybe around 10, and then drink one every 2 hours.
2- I will only be putting in 1/2 a lemon in my special lemonade instead of a whole lemon. I'll use the other half in my water throughout the day.
3- For juice 4, I'm going to shake it up really well, and then drink it as fast as I possibly can. And try the best I can not to gag on it!
4- Less almonds in the smoothie. And I'll make it ahead of time so it can be cold. But it was pretty tasty, just a little warm from grinding up the almonds and then "bulleting" it all together.
With the changes, hopefully tomorrow will go much much better! I'll check in and let you know :)

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